Baltimore Guerrilla Suspension Crew

Having Trouble Finding Jute Yarn?

We get a ton of questions from those who want to make their own rope- the biggest question tends to be, “Where do you get your twine from?”  We managed to find an awesome source called “Scrounger’s Paradise”.  Here’s a link to their eBay page :)

How can i purchase rope from you

By shooting us a message here, we can go ahead and talk to you about placing an order :)

Hi! So I know y'all are trying to sell that jute rope right now, but i was wondering if you could suggest a good hardware store in baltimore where a curious beginner/novice could pick up some nylon rope at pocketbook-friendly prices. Home Depot's selection is very limited and generally shitty. Any thoughts?? Also your blog--like the fact of your very presence in Charm City--is awesome.

We don’t work with nylon, so we couldn’t give you a decent answer.  I’m told that Wal-Mart sells nylon and cotton ropes at very reasonable prices.  I would also try Ace Hardware.  If you’re venturing outside of Baltimore, Harbor Freight has a wide selection of rope, including glow in the dark/UV reactant rope.

Another good bet is to head to LF&P when it comes to DC.  I know a ton of rope vendors go and have awesome rope, but it tends to be expensive.

Hope that helps.

Fire Sale on BGSC’s Official Jute Rope!

There’s currently a fire-sale on BGSC-approved, handspun jute rope that Moco and Sir Ron C. make.  The rope itself is a beautiful 5 strand, 3 ply twist.  It’s approximately 5 mm in diameter and 8 meters in length.  It’s truly a thing of beauty and has rave reviews from users.  These are also already processed and treated- they are ready to be used as soon as you get them!

What exactly is jute?

Jute is a natural fiber rope (similar to hemp) that is traditionally used in kinbaku, shibari, and Japanese inspired bondage.  It has a low burn rate (meaning it won’t give your rope burn when you use it), is very light, and gets softer and shinier with more use.

The sale includes a set of 8 jute ropes for $100! That’s over 50% cheaper than most jute rope found at other websites.  Place your order now before we run out!

Here is a picture of what the ropes look like.  Enlarged to show the twist and texture.

Like always, the BGSC adapts to their surroundings.  The Awakening at The National Harbor was begging to be dangled from.

Switching it up with a little steam punk action at The Museum of Industry in Baltimore, MD.

Supplemental links for Intimacy with Rope 101 

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the online class, Intimacy with rope.

Here are a couple of links that were posted in chat.  I hope you find them helpful.  Remember, practice makes perfect!

Somerville Bowline (Video by Lochai Stine)

Single Column Tie (Video by Twisted Monk)

Double Column Tie (Video by Twisted Monk)

Basic Chest Harness (Video by Twisted Monk)

Intimacy with Rope Online Class

Tired of those boring college classes, well, not to worry, we have you covered!

Presenting: Intimacy with Rope 101 - LIVE Streaming University


Monday, May 14th, 8:30pm-10:00pm EST, can log in at 8:15pm—demonstration will begin at 8:30pm and go till 9:30pm…may run slightly over, latest being 10pm!

Who is the class for?

This class is for anyone who has a desire to expand their play with rope. Any size, any shape, male or female. This class is an introductory and novice level course, but we will build from this class onto further ones.

What will be taught?

We will discuss single & double column ties, chest harnesses and quite possibly a floor hogtie. There will be 2 lovely bottoms, one is of larger variety, so you big gals and guys…step up to the plate!


The privacy of your own home!!! You do not have to drive anywhere, if you have an internet connection you can come to class. The class is interactive via a chat room like environment. You will hear and see us LIVE as we present to you the building blocks of intimate rope connections and be able to communicate with us in real time using the chat room!

How much is this class?

Our introductory class, is FREE ! This is a fun test on alternative ways to provide our community with education. If it’s well received, we’ll do more!

If you wish to, you can make a donation to the presenters and to the bottoms by clicking here:
[][Donate through Paypal to] *Donations go to the presenters and bottoms.

Who is presenting?

This awesome presentation will be brought to you by DarianILRewarriorfrog,M0co Butterfly66

So, come one everyone and together we can Be More with Kink!

Also, any person creating this live streaming demonstration isn’t responsible for any injury caused by watching. This is for entertainment purposes, and if you happen to gain something from it, then all is good. But seriously, we’re not responsible for any misuse of rope to any living thing that causes any sort of injury. There are many ways to produce rope work, and ours isn’t “the” way, it’s a way that we find comfortable, and we hope to entertain you!

It’s danglin’ season.  Taking our two newest members, Knotty Nate and Jezebelle, out for a test rigging.

Clean and classic, BSSC hit up a Pavilion in Baltimore, MD, to show off a bit.

Clean and classic, BSSC hit up a Pavilion in Baltimore, MD, to show off a bit.